Nookums® Paci-Plushies® are lovingly designed and brought to you by a mother of four pacifier loving little ones. Exhausted by constantly disappearing or misplaced pacifiers, creator Stacy Dallman sought out a solution to keep her babies pacifiers in sight and close at hand at all times.

Paci-Plushies® Buddies™

Sized for little hands and textured for touch and exploration.

Ella Elephant Buddies™
Rufus Retriever Buddies™
Jaspie Giraffe Buddies™
Cutsie Cow Buddies™
Scruffy Puppy Buddies™
Rosie Rhino Buddies™
Pepper Penguin Buddies™
Ollie Octopus Buddies™
Lexi Lobster Buddies™
Leo Lion Buddies™
Marley Moose Buddies™
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Paci-Plushies® Shakies™

Paci-Plushies® Shakies feature a soft rattle sound that stimulates and encourages self-play.

Dimples Dragon Shakies™
Freckles Fox Shakies™
Tickles Turtle Shakies™
Barkley Bull Dog Shakies™
Unity Unicorn Shakies™
Happy Hippo Shakies™
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Paci-Plushies® Shakies™

Paci-Plushies® Blankies- super soft lovies that keep the pacifier at hand.

Bella Bunny Blankies™
Lovie Lamb Blankies™
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Paci-Plushies® Chillies™

Turn any Paci-Plushies® plush product into a Chillable Teether with our Chillies Teether Add-On.

Paci-Plushies Chillies™
Blue Teether
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